Construction Jobs Sydney and Melbourne

Leading Labour Hire Agency Edway Labour Hire provide labourers with a wide range of skills in Sydney and Melbourne.

Established in 2002 Edway Labour Hire management have first hand experience across a broad range of construction jobs so we understand both the work and the experience required to successfully and safely carry out the variety of construction jobs we are called upon to fill with our labour hire service.

Being part of the Edway Group Ltd. Edway Labour Hire also has the resources to provide Green Card / White Card / Construction Induction Certificates and First Aid certificates to our labour hire staff.

The availability of good construction jobs in Sydney and Melbourne depends on a number of factors but what doesn’t vary is the high quality and the standard of the construction jobs we offer at Edway Labour Hire.

Below you will find a straightforward online registration form which will take you a few minutes to complete and submit online. So send us your details and we will call you to arrange a face to face interview at the Edway office of your choice.

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